How to Put Movie on iTunes ? Transfer Movies to iTunes

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iTunes, of course, one of the most powerful media combines, but novice users often face difficulty with some of the situations. Today, we’ll tell you how to add a movie to iTunes and then how to transfer it to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


The main thing to keep in mind before embarking on this simple manipulation – the film should be strictly in the format .MP4. Video files in other formats, for example, .avi .mkv or can be viewed on iOS-devices with the help of third-party applications, such as AVPlayerHD. Important! Without  QuickTime movie that is to be added to the library will not work.

How to Put movie on iTunes :

Step 1: Start iTunes. Select the desired movie format .mp4 and drag it to the section Multimedia


Step 2: Wait until the copy process


Step 3: In that, Movies will be loaded with film. Here you can view detailed information about a file or start watching

If you want to add multiple movies in a single folder, select File -> Add Folder to Library and select the folder with the video files.

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How to download movies to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes

Step 2: Select the device when it appears


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Step 3: Go to the Movies

Step 4: Select the check box next to Sync movies , needed to download movies

Step 5 Click Apply . After synchronization is complete, these videos will be available on your device


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