How to Record iPhone Calls Without Jailbreak or Apps

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In the previous article, we have reviewed two of favorite Cydia tweaks that allow users to record phone calls on their iPhone. This time, we will guide users how to record phone calls without jailbreaking devices. There are still more than 50% iPhone and iPad users who are not able to jailbreak their devices yet

This could mean they do not know how to jailbreak, or their firmware has not been supported yet. However, we assume that these people are still waiting for a jailbreak.

During the phone call and users have an additional device with recording feature in it, then pull it out and start recording. That is something users can do right away without having to jailbreak their iPhone or install additional applications.


However, users cannot record from the start to the end; or audio quality is not great, and it is not an ideal way of approaching the situation. Here are a better method and it need not jailbreak as well as any apps from the App Store.


How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone (No Jailbreak Required)

Step 1: Dial the number you want to call. Once the call has started, tap on Add Call

Step 2: Next, call the phone number that users are using. This will redirect users straight to the Voicemail

Step 3: Wait until the greeting message and Visual Voicemail are over, tap on the Merge Calls button

Step 4: By doing so, it will merge the original call and their own number to voicemail. As a result, recording the phone call directly into the voicemail

When the conversation is over, stay on the Phone app and switch over to the Voicemail tab. The recorded voicemail should now appear on the list. Choose the Share option next to the circular “i icon and select your prefer method of sharing. The voicemail can be shared via iMessage, AirDrop, send it to notes, or attach them in an email.”

Keep in mind that the recording is saved as M4A files, which mean users will have to import it into a computer and convert them into the MP3 file format.

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