How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac

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Many of you here have experienced accidental deletion. No matter with or without intention, it’s still a horrible situation when you didn’t have any backup before. If you don’t usually empty your Mac Trash, it’s not difficult to put it back from your Mac Trash. However, in case you clean the Trash, Apple doesn’t come with any tool to help in recovering deleted files from Mac.

Fortunately, there are many third party tools available on the internet, which can recover deleted files from your Mac as easy as the way you delete a file. In this post, we are going show you to ways to quickly recover deleted files from your Mac.

Is it possible to recover deleted files when they’re empty from Mac Trash?

As long as the deleted files are not replaced by new data, there are high chances to recover them. When you delete a file on your Mac, the MacOS will automatically delete the name of the file from the disk directory to get more space for available for new files. The deleted file will then remain intact on disk until you overwrite new files. So, to avoid irreparable data loss, you’d better stop using your Mac where you have deleted files.

Solutions to quickly recover deleted files from Mac

Recovering deleted file is not difficult. Here are two effective methods to help in quickly recovering deleted files from your Mac:

Method 1: Restore deleted files using Time Machine Backup

Time Machine is an inbuilt program on MacOS that allows backing up and restoring the hard drive files. If you have previously set up Time Machine for backing up your data, then the files that you have deleted would be in Time machine snapshot. Simply follow these below steps to quickly restore deleted files from Mac.

  1. First, go to System Preferences.
  2. Choose Time Machine.
  3. Toggle “Show Time Machine in menu bar” to ON
  4. Connect the Time Machine hard disk.
  5. Click on Time machine icon in the menu and choose “Enter Time Machine“.
  6. Select the date from the timeline in order to locate the deleted file.
  7. Finally, click on Restore to recover the deleted file from your Mac.


Method 2: Recover deleted files from Mac using data recovery software

If Time Machine did not help in restoring deleted files from Mac, you should then try data recovery software to bring your deleted files back from your macOS. Follow the below steps to quickly recover deleted files from macOS.

  1. First, download and install iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery software on your Mac
  2. Under AppleAPFS media, select the macOS
  3. Click on Next so that the software starts scanning the deleted files.
  4. Preview the results and choose the deleted files.
  5. Click on “Recover” to restore the deleted file.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery allows you to preview found files after scanning. Additionally, it gives you different filters as well as sorting options, which helps you recover deleted files from your Mac quickly.

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