How to remove iCloud account without password

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In many cases, you still have to find ways to remove iCloud account to protect yourself against hackers and thieves. These are unwanted jobs but necessary

Deleting/removing your iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad has changed a tiny bit from iOS 8. While all processes remain the same, Apple changed the button labels from Delete into Sign out.

Today, we will guide you how to simply remove iCloud account even if you do not have iCloud password on iPhone/ iPad.



Why do you have to remove iCloud account while this is an extremely useful service?

The reason is that this service is becoming more important and contains many confidential users’ information. Therefore, iPhone/ iPad hackers and thieves always want to gain control of the iCloud in order to collect information, or use devices stolen.

For those of you who are new to the iOS ecosystem and would like to know how to delete the iCloud account from your iPhone/iPad, this post should be helpful


How to remove iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad (iOS 8 and higher)

Like creating iCloud account, the user can easily remove iCloud on your  device.

This way does not require you to remember the password. For those who buy used iPhone/iPad, you should note this in order to prevent sticking errors when using iCloud.


Step 1: First, toggle off all connections of the device


  • Wireless connection
  • Cellular connection
  • Turning on the airplane mode to ensure safety

Step 2: From the home screen (iPhone/iPad), users go to Settings >> iCloud >> Account. Here, you whitewashed the Password cell. Next, tap on Done, then a new window will appear, tap on OK.


Step 3: Back to the iCloud Settings, navigate to Contacts; switch from ON to OFF (pull the switch from right to left).


Step 4: Scroll down and then tap on Delete Account. Options will display, click on Delete From My iPhone to remove the iCloud account.


  • Notes on deleting accounts iClound that user should know


Now, you have successfully deleted iCloud account without password. However, note that when following this approach, after the process of removing the previous iCloud account, you cannot re- install the device with the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option, because it is very unsafe when the system will require to enter your account password. Your iPhone/ iPad will be sticky the ‘Activation lock on’ state or iCloud if you login the wrong password.


Therefore, if you intend to buy a used iPhone/iPad, you should ask the seller to sign out or remove iCloud account (and then reset the device with the Erase All Content and Settings option). Next, sign in with your primary iCloud account.


What happens when you delete your iCloud account?

First, the services relating to iCloud will be closed such as iCloud Photo, iCloud Drive and many others if you do not activate it. Contacts, email, calendars will not synchronize to the deleted iCloud and if the information which has been synchronized  will lose entirely.

However, all data that are already synced to iCloud will be available whenever you add an iCloud account to your iDevice.

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