How to reset the Apple Watch as a new one?

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If you currently own an Apple Watch and you realize that sometimes, your Apple Watch has some troubles or problems that you can fix by reset it. However, the design of Apple Watch is quite different with iPhone so many Apple Watch users have difficulty in reset their device. However, you needn’t be so worried about this because this article will guide you how to reset Apple Watch successfully.

1, How to turn off completely the Apple Watch:

Apple Watch is a smart device favored around the world due to its luxury and utilities. Apple Watch allows users turn off and turn on normally like many other devices. If you can press and hold Power button to turn off iPhone, you also carry out this on Apple Watch.

However, one difference is that Apple Watch doesn’t have Home and Power button like iPhone. You just see Crown and Side on the device. And the answer for this is Side button because it also has similar functions as the power button on one iPhone.

To be able to turn off completely the phone, press and hold the Side button for a few seconds, until 3 options on the screen appear:


+ Power Off: power off the watch.

+ Power Reserve: transfer watch into saving battery mode.

+ Device Lock: lock screen watch.

Finally, you just need to slide Power button to the right to turn off Apple Watch.

2, How to reset/ restart Apple Watch:

Reset is one of the useful ways that you can use to help your watch to operate better. Especially, when your device suddenly lags or has trouble with the screen, you can reset your watch to ensure that it can operate normally.

To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: you power off device like the above way.
  • Step 2: you press and hold Side button one more time until the screen of Apple Watch appears. Done! it’s so simple, right?



3, Force- restart Apple Watch:

Like iPhone, Apple Watch also has ways for hard reset and force reset. However, many Apple Watch users don’t know about this as well as its functions. The problem here is that when you need to use these two ways. To make this clearer, please follow the following things.

In common, your Apple Watch still operates well. However, someday, you find that Apple Watch is unresponsive when you touch on the screen. Although you press Side button, the screen also doesn’t appear interface for you to turn off.

In some circumstance, Watch Apple’s screen almost inactive and it doesn’t allow you do anything. Certainly, you will have to reset your device at that time. This way will make Apple Watch operate normally.

  • Firstly, you press and hold Side and Crown button together.
  • Wait for about 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. This means that it is restarted.


Hard reset Apple Watch
Hard reset Apple Watch


  • The screen will turn off, after a while it will light up and once again show the Apple logo, then the machine will operate normally.

Note that you shouldn’t turn off device by this way frequently because it can affect negatively on your device.

I have just shared with you about how to reset Apple Watch. Thank you for referencing article.

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