How to Restore Hard Drive Data on Macbook

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Your Macbook is running slowly, or affected by illegal apps that cause many troubles for your device. That time you should think about restoring your iMac to the factory settings to eliminate the slowness or malwares and install a fresh version of OS X.

In this article, we will show you how to restore the hard driver data and install the newest version of OS X on your iMac.

How to restore/ recover the hard drive data on iMacs

Restoring your Mac to factory setting means that you will have to format your HDD (startup disk) and delete all contents such as installed applications, widgets, and your settings so that the MacBook comes back to its original state.

Restoring Mac hard drive is a useful way. However, you should take some notes below before restoring.

  • Create a backup of your Macintosh HD with the “Time Machine” app.
  • Copy your Macintosh HD data to an external hard drive using a Mac clone app.

Step 1:  Restart/Turn off MacBook and press Power button to turn it on again.

Step 2: On the starting screen, immediately press Option key to boot into the startup drive menu.

Step 3: Once the startup drive menu is loaded, you will see the available disks: Macintosh HD, Recovery HD. You may also see other disk drives as BootCamp Partition.

Step 4: Select Recovery HD to upload. After few seconds, you will see OS X Utilities loaded on MacBook screen.


Step 5:  OS X Utilities will offer four options on Mac hard disk drive:

  • Restore from Time Machine Backup
  • Reinstall OS X
  • Disk Utility
  • Get Help Online


Step 6: Click on Disk Utility, then select your Macintosh HD from the Disk Utility and head to Erase tab. There are two options you should note:

  • Drive Format – “Mac OS X”
  • Drive Name – “Macintosh HD.”

Step 7:  Click Erase to format the chosen HDD. This will remove all data on the Macintosh HD; therefore, that is why you should make a backup first.


Step 8: Wait until  Disk Utility finishes the process.

Note: You can choose to securely erase through Erase > Disk Utility to wipe your confidential data. Once wiped, the data will be unrecoverable.

Reinstall OS X on MacBook Pro

After formatting the hard drive through Recovery Mode, you have to reinstall OS X.

Go back the main screen of OS X Utilities and select the “Reinstall Mac OS X” option, click on it.


Then, it will begin reinstallation of the OS X, which you had earlier. For example, if your Mac is running OS X 10.10 before formatting, the Recovery Mode will reinstall OS X 10.10 on your Macintosh HD.

Note: This completes the MacBook Pro Restoration procedure.

We do not recommend formatting hard drive on MacBook as it might cause  unwanted errors like the data loss.

In case you want to recover the data losses on your Mac, you can download and install an app, called Mac Data Recovery. This app will scan and then recover files from your Macintosh HD.

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