How to restore missing Downloads folder on your Mac

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The Dock has been one of the highlights of macOS for years, offering easy access to many of your favorite apps, without going through tons of folders. One of the best things when it comes to the macOS Dock is that you can add your own apps, documents, and folders to it. However, there are exceptions to everything.

A number of macOS users have reported that the Downloads folder is missing from the Dock. If you happen to be among those users who are dealing with the issue, no worries as we are here to here. There could be any reason for why the Downloads folder won’t show up in the Dock. But, there is a good chance that you accidentally removed it from the Dock.

In this guide, we will go through the steps to re-add the Downloads folder on your Mac. Before we begin, make sure you now have the latest macOS version on your machine.

How to restore missing Downloads folder on your Mac

  1. How to re-add Downloads folders to the Dock in macOS using Home Directory

The easiest way to re-add the Downloads folder to the Dock is using Home Directory. If you need help, check out the steps below.

Step one: First off, launch Finder on your Mac and then select the Go menu

Step two: Next up, select Home from the drop-down menu. After that, locate the Downloads folder, then drag the Downloads folders and drop it into the Dock

Step three: Once you do that, the Downloads folder should show up in the Dock. If the problem still persists, make sure you read on.

  1. How to reset the Dock

If nothing changes, the best shot to deal with the problem is resetting the Dock. Following this method, you will lose all the existing customization.

Step one: Launch Terminal on your Mac and then enter the command: defaults delete; killall Dock (make sure you enter the command correctly)

Step two: Hit the Return key and then the Dock will be reset to default app icons.

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