How to set and change Passcode on Apple Watch

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1, Set passcode directly on Apple Watch

How to set passcode for Apple Watch

Firstly, run Settings app on Apple Watch.

Then click on Passcode.

Next you click on activate Passcode.

Now you click and enter 4 characters passcode.


2, Install passcode on Apple Watch from app on the iPhone

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Run Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Step 2: Click on My Watch in the middle tab.

Step 3: You select the Passcode.

Step 4: Choose Turn Passcode On.

Step 5: Finally, enter 4 characters passcode.


After finishing this step, you set successfully the passcode for Apple Watch.

3, How to Change passcode on Apple Watch directly

Running Settings app, then select passcode.

After entering this section, you choose the changing passcode line and enter old passcode and new passcode for Apple Watch.

Now you can use the new passcode to Apple Watch.

4, How to change the passcode on Apple Watch by iPhone

Similar to the above, you open Apple Watch app on iPhone, then find the middle tab and select My Watch.

Then select Change Passcode, finally enter the old and new passcode.

5, How to turn off passcode on Apple Watch


If you do not want to use the passcode anymore, you can remove this feature on Apple Watch easily.

How to perform:

 On the Settings App> Passcode> Disable Apple Watch

Additionally, you can also turn off by using application on Apple Watch.

On Apple Watch> My Watch tab> click on Turn off passcode.

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