Top 3 Ways to Speed Up iOS 7 Performance on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and Old iPad

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Give up some eye pleasing features in iOS 7 and close background programs, then perhaps your iOS devices will work a little faster and smoother.

Fortunately, there are several ways to slightly improve the performance of older devicesFor a start,

Note : using these tips you will not turn your phone into a new one, moreover, among them – the council to disable some features that you may find attractive or useful.

speed-up-ios-7Free Up Space in iOS 7 :



The first thing we recommend removing all unwanted and unused applicationsIf the free space in the user memory of your device is almost over, the cleaning can increase performance

Instructions : Remove Unwanted Apps in iOS 7

  • To check how much free space you have left, go to Settings -> General -> UsageAt the top of the page, under the heading Storage, you will see how much memory is still available, how much memory is occupied, the list of installed applications and the amount of memory used in each of them. 
  • To remove an application, get its icon on one of the desktops, touch it with your finger and hold it a bit, until it starts to shake, and then click on the X in the upper left corner.

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Remove Background Processes in iOS 7 :



The iOS 7 system works many programs that makes your life more complicated in the background . All applications are now the default updated in the background. This saves you the time – does not have to watch that as a growing number of programs that need to be updated to perform a bulk update all at once

On the other hand, the background update will still consume CPU resources (not to mention the battery charge, which will melt quickly). This function can and should be turned off (not only old but also new devices) and install updates as usual, through the application App Store.

Instructions : Turn Off Background Update in iOS 7

  • To do this, go to Settings -> App Store, scroll to the section Automatic loading and off “slider” opposite points “Programs” and “Updates“. 
  • If you want to completely disable all background processes, turn off automatic loading of applications for Music and Books

Note : In this case you will have to synchronize their music files and books manually.

In the iOS 7 application data is now also updated in the backgroundFor example, you will receive news about this website Facebook, even without opening the programOf course, this is useful, but reduces system performance and battery consumption

Instruction : Turn Off Automatic Application Data Update in background in iOS 7

To disable this feature, go to Settings -> General -> Update content and disable this option by moving the “slider” to the left.

Disable Parallax and Transparency Effects and Blur in iOS 7 :



In the iOS version 7 we see new animation effects, which quickly lose their luster when displayed intermittently with delaysIf it looks like you so much for the work program and other Parallax animation.

Instruction : Turn Off Parallax Animation in iOS 7

  • You can easily turn them offOpen Settings -> General -> Universal Access, select the item “Reducing movement”.
  • Enable”, which allows the “Zoom motion user interface, including the parallax effect on badges and warnings“. This item is available in the settings of the tablet iPad 2, but the smartphone iPhone 4S it is not, because this device does not support the fancy gadgets like animation.


Before closing the section on Universal access note on something else. Above paragraph “Reducing traffic” is the string “Increasing the contrast“. 

Click on it and turn to “improve the contrast on some backgrounds to improve the readability of the text“. Keep in mind, this feature is not included to facilitate readingIt removes the effects of transparency and blur in some windows in the iOS 7, for example, in the Control CenterOn older devices blur looks so good, so that, in fact, you have to give only translucent windowsTheoretically, after shutting down the special effects have become available CPU resources, you can find other uses.


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