Your Apple Watch Gets Slow! How To Speed It Up

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Apple has already released three generations of its Apple Watch series and we are up now to the 4th WatchOS version. Apple Watch is one of the best accessories iOS devices, which can help users to manage notifications, quickly view information just by a glance. However, the first Apple Watch becomes slow right now.

So if you own a first-generation Apple Watch, we’re sure you are experiencing slowdowns, lags when opening the Workouts app and use Siri. We are going you to share with you some change settings in watchOS to help in increasing the performance in order to speed up your Apple Watch.

  1. Reduce Motion

The easiest way to improve the performance is first reducing the motion of your Apple Watch. There are two ways to do it that are either directly from your Apple Watch or the Watch App on your connected iOS device.

Reduce Motion on Apple Watch

To do this on your Apple Watch, simply press the Digital Crown to open the app Home screen. From there, tap on the Settings > Accessibility> Reduce Motion option and toggle it on.

Reduce Motion on Watch App

Launch the Watch App on your iPhone/iPad, tap on My Watch > General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion and enable it.

You will then see that animations of the watch face and apps disappear. You just see a simple fade transition instead, which is less resource intensive.

  1. Disable Auto App Install

By default, every app installed on your iPhone will automatically be installed on the Apple Watch companion as well. If you install a lot of iOS app, this means your Watch is also filled with unnecessary apps. Too many apps will slow down your Apple Watch. So, you should launch the Watch app, tap on My Watch > General and disable the Automatic App Install feature.

  1. Uninstall Apps From Apple Watch

Once you have disabled the automatic install feature, it’s also important to delete all the unnecessary apps that you never use on your Watch. To do so:

  • From your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to launch the Home screen.
  • Tap and hold on any app until it starts jiggling. The editing mode is now ready.
  • Swipe over to a third party app. You will then see a little X at the top-left corner.
  • Tap on it to delete and then choose Delete app to confirm.

If there are a lot of apps on your Apple Watch, it takes much time. But fortunately, you can also do this from the Watch app.


  1. Restart Your Apple Watch

A simple reboot can fix some glitches. It can also clear the RAM, cache and more. Simply press & hold the Digital Crown until you see the power menu. Just slide to power your Watch off. To turn it back on, press the Digital Crown again.

  1. Reset Apple Watch

The last resort to speed up your slow Apple Watch is wiping it clean and then setting it up from the scratch.

  • From your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to launch the Home screen.
  • Tap on Settings-> General -> Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings.

The process will format all the data, and settings on your Watch. Once it’s done, just pair it with your iOS device again and reinstall apps manually.

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