How to Sync Contacts From iPhone

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Keeping your contacts always backed up is one of the most important aspects of having a smartphone. When there are problems arising, you can lose your important contacts and other data. If you haven’t backed these contacts up yet, you may find yourself track down your friends and family. Fortunately, backing up your contacts is not difficult. In this post, we’ll show how to sync the contacts from your iPhone.

How to Sync Contacts From Your iPhone

Use iCloud

Many iOS users are pleased to know that the simplest way to keep your contacts safe is a passive process. Thankfully, syncing contacts from your iPhone is not difficult. With iCloud, you will simply flick a toggle and blissfully forget when Apple handles the legwork.

Enable iCloud sync for Contacts

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings and tap on the banner including your name at the top of the screen. Under your name, it’s “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store.” Tapping on it will take you into your Apple ID settings.
  2. From the Apple ID page, note the iCloud option in the list. It is accompanied by a blue cloud icon. Tap on it to access your iCloud settings.
  3. Below the “APPS USING ICLOUD” section, locate Contacts in the list of toggles. Toggle the switch on to enable syncing for your contacts. Once the toggle is active, it will be in green color.

After you have done these quick steps, iCloud will start syncing your contacts using either a Wi-Fi or your cellular data. Those who have limited data plans should be mindful of this. But, Contacts basically does not eat up a lot of data.

If you’d like to manage your iCloud contacts later, you can do it by visiting on your computer with the Contacts app. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you must have another Apple device nearby to confirm the login.


Use iTunes For Synchronization

Although iCloud is a convenient way for synchronization, many iOS users prefer to manage their data using iTunes. If you’re connecting with a trusty lightning USB cable, you’re on the fast track to sync the contacts from your iOS device.

  1. Use a certificated cable, and then connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer. iTunes will often open automatically. If not, launch the app manually.
  2. Depending on your iTunes settings, your phone can start automatically syncing with iTunes. It’s fine. All you need is letting iTunes complete the syncing process.
  3. On the lefthand corner of the iTunes screen, there will be a button, including an iPhone icon. Click on that button to go into the management page for your iOS device.
  4. In the sidebar, click on Info and all your Contacts sync settings will be located here.
  5. If you have already managed your contacts through iCloud, iTunes does not present a checkbox for “Sync Contacts”. If iCloud is not used, check the box on the left of Sync Contacts.
  6. To transfer all your contacts, just click on the Sync button in the bottom right. Your contacts will successfully be synced.

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