How to take better photos with your iPhone

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The iPhone 6S comes with a lot of camera improvements, making it one of the most popular camera choices in the world. Back in 2007, Apple released the original iPhone with the 2 MP camera, offering bad image quality in low light settings.

You can see how the iPhone camera has improved over the years in the image below



With the iPhone 6S, Apple introduced the 12 MP camera for the first time in the company’s history. In reality, there are tons of different camera apps you can use to make your photos look amazing. However, there are a number of iPhone camera tips and tricks you may not notice on your iPhone. Here are five of iPhone camera tips and tricks you should know about to take your iPhone photos to a whole new level.

  • 1. Use Apple’s EarPods

Apple’s EarPods offer a lot more functionality than we are expecting. You can answer incoming calls by pressing the middle button, or you can activate Siri by pressing and holding the middle button for a few seconds. You may not notice that Apple’s Earbuds can be used to take photos.


In reality, Apple’s Earbuds can be used as a shutter release for Apple’s stock camera app. All you have to do is to open the camera app, press the center button once, and a photo will be taken in an instant. Besides, you can do use this trick if you want to shoot videos on your iOS device.

  • 2. Use a grid overlay

If you want to implement the Rules of Thirds, a powerful technique for making photos more dynamic, to compose interesting and amazing iPhone photos, you can use a grid overlay in your camera. To do so, you can head to Settings > Photos & Camera and Enable “Grid.” After that, your camera display will feature a 3×3 grid.

In other words, “an image is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically and that the most important element of the photo is placed along where these lines occur or intersect.”

  • 3. Preview thumbnails in the “Year” view

The Apple’s camera app now lets you enter your large thumbnail previews. If you go into the “Years” view, you can do a lot more than simply view a mosiac of your snapped photos.

If you press and hold on the display, you will notice an enlarged thumbnail preview of your photos. A photo will become larger when you release your finger.

  • 4. Turn your phone upside down for shots of the ground



You can turn your phone upside down if you want to get the lowest angle possible when shooting on the ground. You can see the difference when you hold your iPhone right side up (left) and when you hold your iPhone upside down (right).

  • 5. Make the most of your editing tools

There are tons of editing apps out there, but Apple provides users with many useful photo editing tools. You can adjust lighting, color and black and white effects. To do this, you can open a photo in the Photos app and select “Edit” in the upper right corner of the display.

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