How to turn off auto downloads on your Mac

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One of the best-selling points of Apple’s products is that they always get updated. Apple has been putting out excellent versions of its software in order to attract more users. However, you may have noticed that your Mac automatically download MacOS Sierra updates.


For some users, this may come in handy, as it helps them always stay updated. Others, on the other hand, may find it annoying despite the fact that the MacOS Sierra won’t be installed automatically on their device. If you happen sit in the latter group, we will show you how to disable this feature.

Steps to turn off auto downloads on your Mac

Note that doing this way will not only turn off auto downloads on your Mac, but also turn off auto downloads for everything in the App Store. This means that any purchase you make in the App Store on iPhone will not download automatically to all of your other devices.

Step one: The first thing you need to do click the “App” icon located in the menu bar. After that, select the System Preferences

Step two: Next up, you are supposed to select “App Store”. Once you are in, check the box next to Download newly available updates in the background under the Automatically check for updates section

Step three: Once you are done, exit the System Preferences and you Mac will not automatically download new updates.

That’s all you need to do is to turn off auto downloads on your Mac. If you Mac has completed downloading macOS Sierra file and you are not planning on installing it on your Mac, you can remove it from your device to earn more space. The MacOS Sierra file is normally located in the “Applications” folder, so look for it and remove it from your device.

MacOS Sierra brings in a number of features and changes, offering faster performance and high stability. We recommend you update your device to MacOS Sierra to enjoy its new features.

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