How to unlock your iPhone from EE UK

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No matter whether you have purchased the brand new iPhone SE, or the iPhone 5, or even one of the newer devices such as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, we can help you to unlock your device using the EE iPhone Unlock service from Official iPhone Unlock.

With their group of network insiders, the unlock EE iPhone team can get your handset unlocked in just a few days. You simply need to locate your IMEI from your iPhone using the *#06# method, once you have the EE IMEI you then visit Unlock EE iPhone page and enter your details. Don’t forget to select your model, everything is supported from the brand new iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S, and the original iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 models.

Having submitted all your information and paid for the unlock EE iphone service, your handset will be submitted to EE for unlocking.

EE is a relatively new network, which was formed by the merger between Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. This happened in 2014, once the network towers technology was shared between the two networks, it improved the network reception drastically. However, EE iPhone Unlocks went offline for about 5 months, whilst the teams joined forces and their unlocking policy was updated.

Unlock EE iPhone
Unlock EE iPhone

It was difficult for quite sometime to unlock EE iPhones, and even when it did come online, the price was extortionate through a third party. However, you could get it done using EE themselves, but your handset had to meet certain criteria:

1.The iPhone needed to have been on their network for around 6 months at least
2.The iPhone must have been fully paid up, with no outstanding bills
3.The iPhone should be not be stolen, nor blacklisted.

There are some other methods available to unlock your device, but none of them work anymore – in 2012 and prior years, you used to be able to use jailbreaks to unlock your EE iPhone. This has now changed, since the baseband and firmware were updated to iOS 9.3.1 and beyond, the only solution was an official IMEI unlock. In this instance, Official iPhone Unlock are the experts. There is no need to many any of the above criteria, they can unlock all devices very easily using just the IMEI, with no questions asked, thanks to their dedicated EE iPhone Unlocking team.

Once your iPhone is marked as sim free by the unlocking team, you will be sent an email telling you “Congratulations, your handset is unlocked!” and it will give instructions which the EE iPhone Unlock team require you to do. You need to turn your iPhone 5,5S,6,6S,7 on, and connect it to a Wifi network. Once this has been done the unlock is sent over the air and delivered to the persons device. This is the best service in the UK.

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