How to use Apple Watch properly

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Apple Watch is a smart device with many extremely useful features. However, many users do not know all about them or don’t know how to use these features. The following article will share with you these useful features.

1, How to connect Apple Watch with iPhone

On Apple Watch

It’s necessary when connecting Apple Watch with iPhone to ensure that you can take advantage of all features of Apple Watch. To be able to connect your Apple Watch with iPhone, you do as follows.

Firstly, you boot Apple Watch, then you can select the language to use with the device.

select language on Apple Watch

Next you select Start Pairing on Apple Watch’s touchscreen.


You find the Bluetooth feature on the device and turn it on

On iPhone

You turn on Bluetooth and connect to Apple Watch on iPhone.

You touch the Start Pairing, the app will remind you to turn on both Bluetooh and wifi for the device. If you do not have wifi, you can use mobile data instead.

You put the device iPhone close to Apple Watch so that iPhone’s camera can shoot the screen of Apple

Next, you perform a few basic steps as the system requirements to connect your iPhone to Apple Watch.

After the connection is complete, you can use Apple Watch with many useful features on this product.

How to install applications for Apple Watch:

 On iPhone device at Apple Watch app, you add a new tab with the name “Apple Store”. It will give you lots of apps that you can download for Apple Watch. When connecting Apple Wacth with iPhone, you can download apps from iPhone to Apple Watch.


How to add contacts to Apple Watch:

The most useful and prominent feature of Apple Watch is hear and call function. To be able to add contacts to your device, you do as follows:

On Apple Watch, you open phone app.

 + You move to the Favorites tab.

+ You touch the plus sign to add the contacts to the device.


2, How to use some manipulation on Apple Watch

Slide the screen down to get notifications:

 When you want to read the message that has been sent to the device, you just need to slide the screen down. The notification list includes iPhone message notifications, missed calls or messages from applications like Facebook on iPhone devices. To view the notifications, you touch that application

Slide screen up to appear Glance:

Glance feature is equipped on Apple Watch to provide some information quickly from many applications in the same time. You just need to slide the screen up, the screen Glance will let you know battery life, the control keys for music application, monitor process exercise app. You can also slide to the left or to the right to see all applications.


Press Crown button:

Unlike iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch is not equipped with the Home button on the front. However, you can use Digital Crown button. You can press on this button to go to a network interface which includes all applications installed, they look like the circle. Press Crown button again to return the previous interface.


Use Siri by Crown button:

You can use your voice to open applications through Siri feature. To use this feature, you use Siri by press and hold the Digital Crown button. Then ,Siri feature will automatically be activated. You can open the app to see the weather, movie theater information by your voice.

Call or send messages to friends:

To be able to make calls or send messages to friends, you first need to connect the device to the iPhone as the guide above. You use flat oval button on device’s body to turn on hear, call and message features on Apple Watch. After, you use Crown button to select the person you want to make a call or message.


Use Apple Pay:

 Apple Pay app allows you to pay at public places, theater, or cinema without using ATM. To use this feature on Apple Watch, you can double-click on the flat oval button on the device’s body, Apple Pay app will display, then you can use this feature to pay without using card.


How to mute your Apple Watch

When you sleep or attend a meeting, you want the device to be silent. You just need to use your hand to cover the screen of Apple Watch within three seconds, then the device will automatically switch to silent mode. However, to use this feature you need to activate Cover to Mode in apps of Apple on iPhone. To enable this feature, you open apps Apple Watch, select My Apple Watch -> Sounds & Haptics and turn it to Cover to Mute.

I’ve just shared with you some manipulations when using Apple Watch. Thank you for reading this article, wish you the optimum advantage of the features on this device.

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