How to use the Magnifier on iOS 10

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The Magnifier is a visual accessibility feature, which turns your iPhone/iPad into a magnifying glass. That will zoom everything from newspapers/books, switch labels easier for anyone with low vision or old people. In this article, we will tell you all about the magnifier in iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPad

  1. How to activate the Magnifier
  • Open Settings from your Home screen
  • Tap on General > Accessibility > Magnifier


  • Tap on the switch next to Magnifier.


Once you turn on, just triple-press the Home button to start it up. You may need to select the Magnifier in case you enable multiple accessibility options.

  1. How to enable auto brightness in the Magnifier

Auto-brightness adjusts your screen based on ambient light sensor that helps your camera focus better when close up.

To do that, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier, then tap the switch next to Auto-Brightness


  1. How to zoom in with the Magnifier

To zoom with the Magnifier, you just triple-press the Home button to activate the Magnifier.


Then tap, hold, and drag the slider to adjust the magnification. Move left or right to decrease or increase the magnification.

  1. How to enable focus lock in the Magnifier

If you stand too close to an object, you iPhone/iPad’s camera can continually refocus. However, if you tap the Focus Lock button, it will maintain the focus on the screen. Just do two following steps to turn the focus lock on.

  • Press three times the Home button to activate the Magnifier
  • Then, tap on the Focus Lock button (looks like a padlock)


  1. How to take a freeze frame in the Magnifier

One of the interesting features of Magnifier is the ability to take a freeze frame and zoom in and out on still images. To do that, you only follow some instructions

  • Triple-press the Home button to enable the Magnifier
  • Tap on Freeze Frame button at the bottom center (this button is the same with the button you take a picture in camera app)
  • Tap and drag the magnification slider back and forth to zoom in and out on the image.
  • Tap on Freeze Frame button again to return to the Magnifier

Note: Taking a freeze frame does not save your image.

  1. How to adjust the brightness and contrast in the Magnifier

It is very simple to do that. First, you triple-press the Home button to enable the Magnifier. Then, tap on Filters button at the bottom right corner. Finally, tap and drag the sliders from left to right until you get your desired brightness and contrast.

  1. How to change the filter in the Magnifier
  • Press the Home button 3 times to activate the Magnifier.
  • Tap on Filters button
  • Swipe left along the Filters. It will display 6 options for you: None; White/blue; Yellow/blue; Gray scale; Yellow/black; Red/black


  • Select the filter you want to use.
  1. How to invert colors and filters in the Magnifier

You can easily invert each filter so as for the switch of the colors. To do this, first, you need to enable Magnifier.

Next, tap on Filters button at the bottom right corner. Tap on Invert Filters button at the bottom left corner of your screen. It is two curved arrows pointed toward boxes.


That is everything about the Magnifier. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below

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