How to use Whatsapp ‘starred message’ feature on your iPhone

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In this new world of smartphones text messaging has become obsolete. Whatsapp is now the synonym of text messaging. And as it has the threaded view in chats so we all face difficulty in finding old chats in the chat history. So far the search for important messages in WhatsApp has always been connected with endless scrolling and crawling chats. The favourites feature puts a stop and makes it possible to mark messages and, therefore, recover more quickly. This applies to both text messages and pictures and videos sent via WhatsApp. So how this feature can be accessed and used easily, we’ll discuss in this article. Here are the steps that you’ve to follow to use the ‘featured chats’ feature in WhatsApp.




This method just doesn’t work on the text messages alone; it works on every other thing that can be sent via WhatsApp. Be it contact information, location, music, photos or videos.

First open WhatsApp and select any message from the chat history. You are going to select a message or several messages and add it to your favourites. You’ll be able to mark both the received and sent messages. Find and tap on the message to be marked and hold down for a moment. You will see a small menu with a few options in which you can see a ​​star button on the leftmost area tap that star button to save the message as a favourite.



This will mark the messages as starred. Now if you ever want to see those messages back again simply search for ‘starred message’ in the WhatsApp or you can also look for the starred messages in the favourite messages list also. This way whenever you select any starred message, you’ll be taken directly to the conversation thread where you received or sent that message. This method is not only great for remembering stuff but also helps you to save important conversations.

The only thing that you want to make sure is, you need not remove the conversations after flagging the messages as ‘starred/favourite’. Removing the conversation will not only removes the starred messages but also deletes any important message that you’ve saved via starring the messages.

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