How to Install WhatsApp on iPad, iPod Touch Without Jailbreak or iPhone

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One of the most popular smartphone apps in the world today is, without doubt, WhatsApp . The instant messaging application has managed to conquer the hearts of people and today, it is common that everyone wear this application installed on your smartphone. Of course, there are those who do not already have WhatsApp, but are usually the same people who do not even have data rate in its devices; which some people call ” the dear friends . ”

Whats is WhatsApp ?


WhatsApp not only allows us to send text messages to your contacts , it is also possible to send photos, videos, audio notes, contacts and even send our exact location in case your smartphone is capable of geolocation. Definitely a very complete program and interesting sea.

Is it possible to Download WhatsApp for iPad, iPad Mini Air or iPad?

For iOS, WhatsApp, initially, is only available for iPhone. The developers have not been released to publish a version for iPad App and time is necessary to use certain ” tricks “to get to have the IM application on the iPad, something that may not appeal to many people.

We assume that the reason that WhatsApp has not reached the tablet is that the application is associated with the phone number of the user, so that in many tablet that do not have mobile connectivity could not be configured correctly, at least not using just the telephone number. If he cast a version for these devices, would complicate the system log and request an email address to make it compatible.

Maybe someday this is a possibility, but today it is not possible to have WhatsApp on iPad. Well, at least not officially, because there is always a way to do this kind of things, but not like the developers of the application.

How to Download WhatsApp for iPad (Jailbreak Required & WhatsPad):

To have WhatsApp on iPad the first step will be applied to the device JailbreakThis is the only way we can install applications that are not available in the App Store, but you are so in favor of using this method will not have WhatsApp on your iPad or iPad Mini. If you apply the Jailbreak is something you do not worry, in our class on the subject will find the necessary information to complete this process.

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  • If you have your device with Jailbreak the next step is to download WhatsApp with necessary modifications . 
  • Ideally, do it from vShare because this way you can get the latest version available.


  • Once installed, the next thing is install the application WhatsPad.
  • You can find it in the BigBoss repo ( /) Cydia. 
  • Once installed both applications is to restart the iPad (or iPad Mini).
  • Furthermore, to force the app is displayed full screen (it is important to mention that WhatsApp is shown only as an iPhone app with 2X mode on any iPad).
  • we can also install the tweak  FullForce , available through Cydia.
  • Once restarted you can open WhatsApp. 
  • At this time you will request a valid phone number. 
  • In this area you will have to write an actual phone number, and you’ll receive an SMS with a need for the application to function code. 
  • It is important to mention that if you put the same phone number you use in WhatsApp on your smartphone, the account will run only on iPad and you can not re-activate the phone until an hour at least .

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad from a computer :

If you prefer to install WhatsApp on iPad from a computer is possible. As you’re imagining, to install the application need to use some software that can do this. Of course, iTunes will not allow it because it is a modified application, so you should useiFunBox , an interesting tool for installing software on iPad in a convenient way.

  • The first step is to download the latest version of WhatsApp to your computer.


  • Once downloaded, you must install the iFunBox application is available for both Mac and for Windows .


  • Open iFunBox application and select the option “Install App “located on the top bar, toward the center.
  • In the new window that is displayed, you must choose the WhatsApp application that you downloaded in the first point. The installation process will begin and will last just a few seconds.
  • Once called WhatsApp appear on the desktop of the iPad, but you should not run it. The next step is to access Cydia and install WhatsPad application and if you want the tweak FullForce to display full size.
  • Once installed WhatsPad, and can run WhatsApp and follow the steps on screen to activate the application.

The steps to install WhatsApp on iPad are very simple, although it is important to mention again that in order to do this installation you need to have a device with Jailbreak applied and that the application is not officially supported by the heads of WhatsApp, so nobody could fail and be responsible for it.

To run WhatsApp on iPad you must have done the Jailbreak process . Therefore, WhatsApp can work on any model of iPad (iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 iPad Air , iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina iOS Jailbreak 7 installed and applied).

Do you have any doubt regarding  Downloading WhatsApp for iPad or with the installation ? Ask in the comments!

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