Install iPad Apps Wirelessly from iTunes Install | Apps Remotely on iPad Air and iPad Mini Wirelessly

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  • Discover how to install iPad Apps Wirelessly from iTunes .
  • Valid for all compatible iPad Air , iPad Mini “feature automatic downloads “.


Learn How to Install iPad apps Wirelessly without Connecting to your PC or MAC :

A really useful feature that Apple introduced in their mobile operating system and unfortunately few people use it as ” automatic downloads “. The purpose for which this feature was introduced is to synchronize all facilities in the case of applications when we have more than one iOS device . For example, if you downloaded an app on the iPad with the activated function, also happen to be installed on our iPhone.

Although this option may not appeal to all users, ” automatic downloads ” also allows for something different from what was thought at first use. Today we will learn how to configure this feature to use remote installer from our iPad and a computer.



What do we need to Install iPad Apps Wirelessly?

  • First of all iTunes installed on a computer running Mac OS X or Windows (recommended to have the latest version of iTunes).
  • An iPad with a version of iOS that supports the function “automatic downloads “. Again, we insist to install iOS 7 .
  • Having the same account Apple ID / iCloud in iTunes and in the iPad.


As you can see, the requirements are general enough for most iPad users can follow this tutorial.

Part one: from our iPad

In our iPad must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings and click on ” iTunes App Store “.
  2. In the section on ” automatic downloads “switch activates the” Apps “. Here you can decide if you want to use your data rate to download or just when you’re on a WiFi network.

There is no need to enable” automatic updates “because they can significantly shorten our batteryHowever, neither will interfere with the final result of the tutorial.

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Part Two: from your PC or Mac

Once on your PC or Mac should open iTunes and log in with our Apple ID (remember it has to be the same as our iPad) and follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store . Once here, select the tab ” App Store “.
  2. Select any App Store, both free and paid, and download it using the button you’ll find right under your icon.

Once the application starts downloading, a loading bar at the top of iTunes with the time remaining to be completed appears. As this occurs, our iPad we can see how the application is downloaded also . In a couple of minutes, we will have the new app on iTunes as both our iPad completely wirelessly.


As reported OSXdaily , this can be very useful for all those situations where we do not have the iPad next to us , but we take to download a heavy application or is temporarily free.

Some knowledge this trick?? Would you will remove the game?

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