iOS 10.2 to be launched next week

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Apple seems set to release the final release of iOS 10.2 update for users worldwide following the release of a number of developer and public betas. According to the document Apple published today, iOS 10.2 will roll out sometime next week with some new features.


Previously, Apple released more than five betas of iOS 10.2 for testing purposes. A couple days ago, Apple debuted the public beta 6 for users who have been the members of Apple public beta program. If you have been waiting for the final release of iOS 10.2, all you have to do is to wait and download over the air. We strongly recommend you do not download iOS 10.2 beta 6 to your device because it may come with some bugs.

iOS 10.2 comes with many new features and changes including the support for new emoji, new wallpapers, a new widget for the Videos app and even more. Noticeably, with iOS 10.2, Apple introduces the new TV app, which acts as the TV guide for iPhone owners and helps them in finding new content. Besides, there is also a new SOS feature that can be activated by pressing the home button on your iPhone five times, but the new feature is only available in several countries like United States, Japan, France and more.

According to sources, iOS 10.2 will fix the battery drain and random shutdown issues found on iPhone 6s. A couple weeks ago, many users reported that their iPhone 6s suffered unexpected shutdown even there was charge left. This results in the free battery replacement programs for those with affected devices. According to Apple, the issue has been found in iPhone models manufactured between September and October 2015. Apple even released a tool that allows iPhone 6s users to check if their device fall into the eligible manufacturing date.

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