iOS 10: changes on Control Center

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Since the first appearance on iOS in 2013, the Control Center almost has no big updates except adding some shortcuts for Night Shift mode on iOS 9.3. In iOS 10, Apple has introduced a number of new features along with a few changes for Control Center. These changes bring a visual look and they easier when combining 3D Touch on Iphone 6s/ 6s plus. In this article, we will list some changes of Control Center on iOS 10.


  1. Expand shortcuts on Control Center

The first thing you can recognize easily is the iOS 10 has redesigned the space among the shortcuts on the Control Center. This will help users easily use the shortcuts and follow notifications on Control Center handily. Now, the shortcuts have been divided into separated sections with audio control on the device.

The tab page will contain basic shortcuts as on/off Wi-Fi, airplane mode…as in previous iOS versions. The shortcuts for Night Shift are also brought up higher than iOS 9.3.x. This change will increase the space among shortcuts that make them easy to turn on/off modes.


                                                             Control Center on iOS 9

  1. Vivid color interface


Shortcuts (toggles) on IOS 10 now have more vivid colors than the classic gray in previous iOS versions. Each shortcut will have a different color that is compatible with its color in Settings. ‘Airplane mode’ icon is the waxen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the same blue color, ‘Do Not Disturb’ is purple, and the magenta for ‘orientation lock’.

  1. More interactive with 3D Touch


Finally, Apple has integrated 3D Touch feature upon shortcuts in Control Center. However, it can only work with 4 bottom shortcuts of Control Center and still limit  third-party applications.

Flashlight – allows you to choose different lighting levels

Timer – allows you to set quickly the timer from 1 minute to 1 hour

Calculator – allows you to copy the final results that you have done

Camera – offers you several different photographic options

  1. Different tabs on Control Center

You wonder why the audio controller shortcut does not appear when you enable the Control Center. Just swipe left, iOS 10 now divides the keyboard shortcuts of audio control into a separated tab on the Control Center.


A new interface is designed with larger shortcuts, the space among keys also increases to help users use more easily than all the shortcuts are put into a single tab on the previous iOS versions.

 Moreover, you can choose the audio output at the bottom toolbar.


  1. Set up shortcuts on the Control Center

In iOS 10 beta version, Apple does not allow users to set up personal shortcuts on the Control Center. However, we still hope that Apple will allow users to set up arbitrarily shortcuts on the Control Center in the official iOS 10, which will be launched in the next September.

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