iOS 11.3: Top 5 new features you should know about

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iOS 11 is not a significant update over the operating system, but there are still a lot of new features and changes that are worth your time. iOS 11 has been through two major software update since the launch day, offering users a much better experience. iOS 11.3, the third software update of iOS 11, is on the way and it will come with a number of features to discover.

iOS 11.3 is expected to hit iPhone and iPad owners worldwide this spring. We have started to hear a lot about new features coming in this update. In the section below, we are going to give you an overview of what’s coming in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update.

For some background, Apple has just released the first iOS 11.3 developer beta for iPhone and iPad. The beta version aims to collect feedback from users and tech experts worldwide ahead of the spring release.

  1. Battery

Battery drainage is among the major concerns when it comes to Apple iPhone. Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that the company was slowing down iPhone models due to battery issues with new software. The Cupertino company has recently promised to release an iOS update with new features that allow users to take control of their iPhone’s battery. It seems that today is the day.

With iOS 11.3 developer beta, Apple gives you a full control of your battery. You can disable the throttling feature or check if your battery’s condition is affecting performance. Apple says that iOS 11.3 will tell if your battery needs to be replaced or not. This is a great addition to iOS 11, as Apple is now offering discounted battery replacement for iPhone 6 and newer models.

  1. More Animoji

Animoji is among the highlights of the iPhone X, allowing users to create and share custom animated characters right in the Messages app. With iOS 11.3, you will be able to record AR videos using your favorite animoji characters like lion, bear, dragon, and skull.

If you are now new to iOS 11, the method used to create your own animoji may be a little confusing. If you need help, you can follow our help below.

Step one: Launch the Messages app from your home screen and then head to an existing conversation or create a new one

Step two: Once you are in, hit the App icon next to the input field and hit the Animoji button (monkey)

Step three: Select a new animoji from the left side and then place your face into the frame. After that, hit the record button to complete the task.

  1. AirPlay 2

AirPlay is a nice feature that allows users to stream content to your Apple TV or other AirPlay-enabled devices. Apple has been working on improving AirPlay for years, expanding its functionality and redesigning its icon.

With iOS 11.3 update, you will be able to stream your content to multiple Apple TVs from your iPhone. However, keep in mind that AirPlay 2 still comes with bugs and glitches. We are expecting Apple to fix bugs in future iOS releases.

  1. Read and delete messages across devices

iOS 11.3 includes a lot of little handy things that make our daily tasks much easier. One such thing lies in the ability to read and delete messages anywhere. With iOS 11.3, you will be able to delete a message on your Mac and get that deletion on your iPhone.

In reality, this functionality is a part of Messages on iCloud, a great feature that allows users to save their messages in iCloud and sync them across their Apple devices.

  1. Others

iOS 11.3 update also comes with several new features like Health Records in Health app, AR 1.5 with support for vertical surfaces, and Business Chat support in iMessage.

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