Everything About iOS 8 Beta 5 : iOS 8 Beta 5 is Seeded to Developers

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  •  iOS 8 Beta 5 is now available in the iOS Developer Center.
  • We review all the latest iOS 8 Beta 5, the latest version released by Apple.
  • New icons, improved Health, iCloud, Siri, Spotlight and more.

Discover all-new iOS 8 Beta 5, the latest version released by Apple

Apple has released iOS 8 Beta 5 for developers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which is already available on the Developer Center. As always, we bring you all the news including the latest Beta of the future version of Apple’s mobile operating system.iOS 8 Beta 5 includes several enhancements and new features that make the operating system work even better , And is to be already feeling we approach the release of the last version of iOS 8.

The new Beta version was released yesterday, just when exactly two weeks of arrival were met iOS 8 Beta 4 . Developers were put to work immediately and we know some of the innovations that have been found in iOS 8 Beta 5 , which must be recognized that look very nice for all devices.


We do not know if these are all the new features included in the latest iOS 8 Beta 5 or not, but today are all that have been found by various developers that already have it.

Major new features of iOS 8 Beta 5


As we said a moment ago, there are still probably news to know that they will be coming out slowly . Meanwhile, we leave you with the most important developments that have been found.

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First, I must say that this new firmware is Beta 12A4345d . Among the innovations we find that have included new icons for personal data in Health , application health, plus the ability to export data  and data from a new medical test (spirometry).


Furthermore, there is an option to display a medical ID in the lock screen useful for emergency services and have added new options for Health in the Privacy panel inSettings.

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We also noticed changes related to iCloud. Beta 5 includes a new iCloud icon in the Adjustments section plus there is a new option to download optimized versions of photos on the iDevice keeping the original in high resolution on iCloud .


In iOS 8, the Beta 5 Access Spotlight is much faster and smoother than previous betas.In addition, the search built into iOS includes suggestions Wikipedia, iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore.

Other features of the new iOS 8 Beta 5

Furthermore, we note that now the applications ask permission to send SMS and the improvements included in Handoff , thanks to which works best transferring calls and SMS from iPhone to Mac.


Another novelty of this Beta 5 iOS 8 is that Siri is able to interact with the iBook and Podcast applications . And now we can deactivate predictive keyboard directly from the keyboard with a new option.


Finally, from iPhoneHacks talk about the possibility of adding a new favorite website in Safari letting down an icon on the bottom of the browser.

How about the new features of iOS 8 Beta 5?


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