iPad Air Vs Kindle Fire HDX Vs Galaxy Tab 3 Vs Lumia 2520 Vs Surface 2 Vs Xperia Table Z

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We compared the new iPad Air with major tablet competition: in this article the comparison table with prices and specifications, useful to detect the differences between the tablet currently available


With the release of iPad Air on the market we wanted to compare the newest Cupertino with the current (or upcoming competition) shoulder to shoulder to observe the characteristics of the tablet that will attempt to carve up the sales, especially in view of the upcoming festive season. In recent months, the offer tablet has expanded greatly, with many different models and different price targets thrown on the shelves, offering the public including a broad range, depending on the needs, preferences and budget availability.


As is also evident from our chart, the average price of a tablet of about 10 inches in size is between 400 and 500 dollars, with some differences according to the strategy: Samsung, for example, has focused more on the price factor with its latest version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch, offering a price of 300 $, but with characteristics commensurate with the expenditure. Amazon is probably the company that offers the best value / price (in terms of technical specifications) with its Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch screen slightly smaller than the competition.


Some manufacturers, just as Amazon and Microsoft, pointing in Italy on tablet that only offer free Wi-Fi and free of LTE; also the choice of storage space is limited spent. From this point of view, Apple is certainly capable of covering every type of need, offering a total of 8 models of iPad Air, depending on the memory configuration and connection.


To highlight again as iPad and Kindle Fire Air HDX 8.9 offer screens with higher resolution, while among the new arrivals stands without doubt Nokia Lumia 2520, one tablet only available in Wi-Fi + LTE, but at the same price of a single tablet Wi-Fi only. Below here is our comparison table.



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