Take Secret Spy Hidden Photos and Videos on the iPhone and iPad

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iOS multitasking bar 7 allow you to imperceptibly take photos or record video.

Multitasking bar that is opened by double-pressing the Home button, allows one to see the screen “sketches” of all currently open time applications. It is noteworthy that the panel does not close the program, but simply “turns off” them. By clicking on an image of an application, you can easily return to it.

Line programs may easily scroll left and right, choosing the right application. It is very convenient and easy.


How to covert photos and video on your iPhone or iPad

1. C home screen of your device, run the application “Camera”.

Important: Pre-turn the flash on your camera, in order not to attract attention of others while shooting.

2. Select the desired shooting mode (photo or video), or format, such as a filter.

3. Double-clicking on the Home button, now run the multitasking bar.

Note that the camera at this point must remain active – the app will transmit images from the lens or aypada number. This means that you can browse the running applications, and switch between them.

4. Pressing the “+” button on the side panel of your device will start filming shoot. Done!

Thus, you can use other applications (not calling the interlocutors and drops doubt) and parallel to shoot.

Finished photos and videos you can see in the standard application to view such material “Photo“.



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