iPhone 6 Air is Pricey | iphone 6 Air is 100 $ more Expensive than iPhone 6

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How to assure analysts foreign companies cupertinovtsy make the difference in price between their new smartphones, which are likely to appear in September. That is, if you will acquire new iPhone on contract terms, the difference between their cost will be $ 100U.S

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Experts claim that Apple Inc. will make the minimum cost 5.5-inch “planshetofon” in America about $ 299, while the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will cost $ 199. Accordingly, there is a difference in cost between the unlocked device, but it will be more than “hundreds” of dollars!


It is known that mobile companies oppose such acts and quotations from Apple, but there is an undeniable cupertinovtsytrump card” – their phones differ greatly in function and quality of its competitors!


The emergence of a large iPhone – Apple attempt to create the perfect smartphone. Recall that during the winter on our blog, wrote about the survey, which was carried out cupertinovtsy. As a result of this survey, they found that people want the phone with a larger screen than the iPhone 5S . Consequently, the rise in price of iPhone 6 should not impair its sales, because the consumer gets what he wants!

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