iPhone 6 running iOS 8 receive special pressure sensors, humidity and temperature

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One of the developers of iOS, San Chang Hu, recently said in his blog that the iPhone and iPad next generation will have special built-in sensors and sensors that make possible “apple” technology will increase significantly! So gadgets from Apple will be able to measure the humidity and pressure and temperature of the air around you . Determined it was due to the second, released a beta version of the OS iOS 8 , and thanks to this tool for developers as Xcode 6. New Apple software contains an updated API CoreMotion . It contains the same resources such as CMA Latitude Handler, Start Ambient Pressure Updates and CMA Altimeter respectively.


San Chang Hu believes that expect such innovations we should in iPhone 6 , that he will be equipped with built-in hygrometer, barometer and thermometer. One barometer only be able to perform a variety of very interesting, and most importantly useful functions for its owner! He can determine the height above sea level and the current barometric pressure and the combination of these functions, the phone will tell you the exact number of ideal calories you burned while walking with him. And not be redundant temperature sensors and humidity of your environment, the information from which will come to you in real time. Instant calculations for these devices, manufactures auxiliary processor called M8 .


It is logical to consider that Apple is focusing on adding various sensors in the device for greater interaction with the user. First meter was built into iPhone 5s . It proved convenient fingerprint scanner built into the key Home, in this device. Usage of such sensors indicate that most users enjoy this innovation. Therefore, in Cupertino decided not to rest on our laurels, and to introduce into their devices as much useful gadgets! Incidentally, back in April, we learned that the California company takes the ranks of engineers and developers, the profile of which is based on the creation of sensors for medical equipment ! Earlier, the new Apple employees worked for firms that have also released software for medical devices and institutions.

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