iPhone 6 News | Apple Patented a New Type of Lens for iPhone

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It became known today about another splendid idea of corporations from Cupertino, which she, as always registered in the U.S. Patent Office. Developers from Apple want to build an “artificial muscle” lens , which will be located in the iPhone, and perhaps in other gadgets from this great company .


This technology is called “ Drive-based artificial muscles for the camera lens . “ It describes the object, which was created with the use of electroactive polymers or abbreviated (EAP) – materials capable of reduction when subjected to electric shocks. Likewise working muscles in the human body and animals. These polymers are used for focusing, and simultaneously for controlling the diaphragm.


In the figure it can be seen that the lens system to the form of a truncated cone over which is found above the resin layer, which is between elastic electrodes. In motion the entire system leads the potential difference generated by the electric field. Thus, control of the polymer occurs cone .

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Developers from Apple says that this technology has many advantages over electric actuators.That is, such use can find large lens, and the power consumption is minimal. It is also possible to reduce the size of the lens, and the quality will be taken on a great level. These findings portend great promise, but now do not know when we will see it in action!


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