Apple iPhone 6 Release Date : iPhone 6 Release Confirmed for September 9

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Apple will unveil the new iPhone 6 on September 9 is the contention of Re / Code, noting a big media event organized by that date.

After many months of speculation, fear and many postponements by Asian conflicting reports, the date has finally arrived: iPhone 6 release date is confirmed for September 9 . It is the contention of the online magazine Re / Code specifying how the group of Cupertino has already planned a big “media event ” for the day. The official invitation has not yet been submitted, but confirmation may not be too distant in time.


The news was launched by journalist John Paczkowski , an expert usually very reliable on the world of the bitten apple. Nor is there any reason to believe this is a joke, as often happens Apple universe, as the magazine enjoys a preferential channel that Cupertino .Moreover, the relationship of mutual respect that binds to the apple Walt Mossberg is certainly not a secret, so it’s almost an anomaly in the journalism industry, given the historical idiosyncrasy of Apple for printing.

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Not only is the date of September 9 for iPhone 6 , but also the confirmation of two different versions : the first 4.7-inch, the second 5.5. Although the actual availability  of device to the public or the appearance of iPhone 6 in the Apple Store and between phone operators is not yet confirmed  and it is currently difficult to make predictions also.


Historically, Apple smartphones will be delivered to stores on Friday of the week following the presentation – at least in the countries included in the first round of distribution – so the United States could end up in the pockets of users since September 19 . A date that does not sound at all new, considering how Deutsche Telekom by indicating the opening months of sales in that very day. It is however,very likely, that the initial distribution is concentrated only on the 4.7-inch model, while the 5.5 might be launched till Christmas. Despite this different timing, it seems that the iDevice will still be presented at the same time.

On the other hardware features of the new generation of smartphone, nothing new compared to what transpired to date. In addition ,processor A8 that is quad-core processor, the two smartphones will see the integration of an NFC chip, a RAM from at least 2 GB, a 13-megapixel camera and a circuit for radio communications compatible with all network LTE world.  However we have to wait for a little ,over a month, to find out what will be the exact plans of the bitten apple.

Source : RE/CODE

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