iPhone 6 Rumor : The Clone of the iPhone 6 is passed through the Official Device (Joke)

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  • The next Chinese clone iPhone 6 has helped to convince many of the passers USA that really was the new Apple smartphone.
  • The gullible users have come to believe that the new device had a battery that could last up to 8 days, and endowed 4K 3D display technology, among other things.

The “iPhone 6” on the chart in the United States : Rumored iPhone 6 is Real


Almost every day we receive news, leaks and rumors that point it was the new Apple smartphone, the iPhone 6 But we all know that  still takes at least a month for those of Tim Cook deliver as expected and desired smartphonebut fortunately for youtuber of which I speak in today, many people despite being fans of the brand and users have no idea of this and have felt like flies in this new joke.


If we look back in time, we must remember that two years ago did something very similar in a TV show, where he also took to the streets and encouraged passersby to out and try the “new iPhone 6” from Apple . Instead, they gave it an iPhone 4s  and asked victims and claimed that the “new” device weighed less, it was much faster, had a screen with a higher resolution … Even some of the people had an identical iPhone hand.


This time, the new smartphone to deceive cares for the victims was a  Goophone , a clone of the iPhone 6 that, just like last year, goes on sale even before the real is officially presented. These clones have the outward appearance of an iPhone, but its material, technical specifications and others are much worse and its operating system is  Android actually, although its appearance is that of iOS.


Stand in front of the “iPhone 6” makes you Believe Anything?

In this video what we’ve seen is appears to us like a novel, such as a battery that can survive eight days, its screen is 8K and 3D as-well and the processor will be A10.

There is no doubt that it is quite funny how so many people can fall  into a joke that is so obvious to most of us  (of course, I’m sure many people who have fallen into the joke there) and in a country as the USA, where the iPhone is the phone par excellence.

For now, without any kind of joke, all we have is clear that the arrival of the new Apple iPhone 6 is getting closer and soon we will all doubts and end all speculation and rumors. And you, would you have fallen into the joke as did the people who appear in the video?


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