Comparison of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 Front Glass Frames : iPhone 6 Rumors

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  • More iPhone 6 Rumors : Recently a comparison has been done between the current iPhone i.e between iPhone 5s and the so, called iPhone 6 Rumored Front Glass panel.
  • We’re going to get 2 Variant’s in the upcoming iPhone.
  • And Definitely a bigger 5.5 inch iPhone 6 or called as iPhone Air.

Recently published a large number of news, information and photos of various kinds associated with the release of the next generation iPhone , which has no one no doubt about the presentation of the new smartphone this fall. Today the foreign media posted “fresh” photos, which show the scope of Display 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s .

iPhone-5s-vs-iphone-6-comparision iphone-6-front-glass-iphone-6-rumors iphone-6-rumored-glass-front iPhone-6-rumors-iPhone-6-vs-iphone-5s iPhone-6-rumors-iPhone-6-vs-iphone-5s next-gen-rumored-iphone-comparison

As the story goes, which presented foreign blogger this item, he bought it at one of the Chinese sites, and then decided to compare the display frame for a 4.7-inch phone with a 4-inch for iPhone 5s . It turned out that these parts are almost identical in execution, and it confirms their “apple” origin. Dimensions of the new framework shows us that the new iPhone 6 screen will increase by 34% when compared with the iPhone 4/4s.

As many already know, 2014 is unique for fans of technology from Apple, because this year we will present two new smartphones at once. The first will be equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, and a second 5.5-inch LCD panel. In the photo you can see the front frame for compact iPhone 6 .

Apple developers are trying very hard to become a new super-smart phones: they add new materials to build this device, change the form factor.

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