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iPhone 6: All the advances

Rumor that Apple will launch iPhone 6 in September , the new generation of smartphones target bitten apple, with a design halfway between Air iPad and iPod Touch fifth generation, and perhaps even the use of sapphire crystal , as well as design schemes already leaked online. The real news, however, is the division of the line in two models , the first 4.7-inch and 5.5-second. From the hardware point of view, the user can enjoy a possibly quad-core A8 processor, a chip M8 with new features for the analysis of the movements of a camera with f / 2.0 and a more reliable fingerprint reader Touch ID. The prices are not yet decided.


With iPhone 6 that is, the next generation of smartphone target bitten apple, perhaps made ​​by Apple . Although the name is not certain, however: in the footsteps  iPad Air is written ,  therefore ,it seems that  there is a good chance that the device may be called iPhone Air . It will not only be the simple upgrade of the previous version, but a “melafonino” extensively redesigned from the aesthetic point of view and, perhaps, available in two different sizes in terms of screen.

Availability and Prices

As already mentioned, that iPhone 6 could be launched in the first half of September, for marketing by the 19th of the same month, as revealed by some German carriers  and a subsequent Chinese source . So much for the 4.7-inch model, as the elder brother of 5.5, if confirmed, will probably coincide till Christmas holidays.

In terms of price we still don’t have much news: but we think that the 4.7 inch can settle on the canonical threshold of € 700-800, while the 5.5 inch could suffer substantial surge (some people also speculates 1,000 euro).

Design and dimensions

Respecting the traditional table of Apple, which sees to provide a wide redesign of the line every two years, iPhone 6 would also be differentiated from its predecessor iPhone 5S especially in terms of aesthetics. The design of the iPhone, although it lacks the necessary certainty, but some information is leaked,thanks to the industrial schemes forwarded to the Chinese manufacturing partners and companies specializing the sale of cover, then illegally posting it online. The first novelty is the possible introduction of two models: one 4.7-inches and one 5.5 inches . The resolution should be either super-Retina , equal to 1704 × 960 pixels at least for the base model.


Described as a hybrid between Air iPad and iPod Touch fifth generation, iPhone 6 will  be having an anodized aluminum body by rounded shapes , very close to the look of the recent Apple tablet.The smartphone, very thin and light, would be characterized by a unique rear bodywork, intersected by elements in polycarbonate or rubber which probably acting as insulators for antennas WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G.

In addition to design patterns, there are many mockup and dummy phone – or non-functioning of the device, manufactured by the company cover to test the accessories – leaked. From these models, it  has emerged  that  iPhone 6 ‘s 4.7-inch remains light and compact, fully manageable with one hand as well as from Apple’s philosophy. 5.5-inch, although replicate the design of the counterpart.  It seems to be even larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , one of the most generous in terms of screen among the industry leaders.

iPhone 6 that indicates the next generation of smartphone target bitten apple, perhaps, made ​​by Apple most probably which is  going to be launched in September 2014. Although, the name is not certain, however: in the footsteps  iPad Air is used , therefore, it seems that there is a good chance that the device may be called iPhone Air . It will not be a simple upgraded version of the previous iPhone 5S, but a “melafonino” extensively redesigned from the aesthetic point of view and, perhaps, available in two different sizes on the screen.

Standard hardware

In addition to the aforementioned double the availability of 4.7-and 5.5-inch display, there are obviously other news on the hardware side. Although none of these have yet found confirmation from Chinese manufacturing districts however,  these are some of the following rumors:

  • Sapphire : The front panel of the iPhone 6 could use the sapphire crystal , a material that is extremely durable and not prone to scratches. From the end of 2013, Apple opened  in collaboration with the industry-leading Advanced GT , the US plants for the production of these glasses, although it is more likely to serve for future iWatch.


  • Processors A8 and M8 : news regarding chipsets is that iPhone is primarily going to introduce the A8 processor having 64 bit like its predecessor, and quad-core produced by the new partner TSMC, Taiwan. Along with the main computing unit, it is expected to use chip M8  successor version of the A7 that was already introduced in iPhone 5S. Beside, being able to analyze the movements of the device, the processor may also study its displacements, to enable new geographic features such as the identification of car in parking even in the absence of GPS signal.
  • 2 Touch ID : even the fingerprint reader , which was opened in 2013 to replace the traditional home button, is ready to be evolved. In addition to that ,an increased sensitivity of scanning and recognising faster will be introduced , it seems that Touch ID will become a crucial tool for the electronic wallet of Cupertino, as well as to manage micropayments;
  • Cameras : the front camera of the iPhone 6 could be promoted to 1080p, while the rear one could reach at least the 13 megapixels , with individual pixels large to ensure a perfect rendering of light. The opening of the focus, however, will be f / 2.2;
  • Sensors : it seems that in the upcoming iPhone new sensors will be introduced, including altimetroe barometer to constantly monitor the weather and climate of your place. Furthermore, there are rumors to recourse some biometric sensors, for example sensors that can detect body temperature or analyze the heart beat.


  • LTE  is universal in terms of connectivity, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth, Apple may unveil a circuit LTE Qualcomm, which not only be able to adapt all frequencies  of 4G World, but will be able to exploit and use a set of these frequencies in future which are currently under investigation.
  • Logo : the bitten apple logo will not be printed or engraved directly on aluminum, but carved. As already available on the Mac, the icon may be illuminated from the main LCD display.
  • RAM and storage : RAM should be equal to or larger than 2 GB, while the flash storage that will remain classic from 16, 34 or 64 GB;
  • NFC and wireless charging : Both smartphones will finally be equipped with tools NFC for micropayments proximity, while charging may also occur through induction perhaps, with a special pad.

Standard software

The heart of the iPhone 6 will be iOS 8 , the mobile operating system that Apple unveiled in June 2014 at the WWDC in San Francisco. Always minimalist with iOS 7, this new version introduces intresting utility, including a predictive keyboard, the ability to leverage third-party keyboards, better management of resources for graphics performance up to 10 times more, a revolution with iMessage group chat and audiovisual messages,with parental controls to 360 ° with the possibility of using a credit card unified on the App Store and  a tight integration with OS X. Infact, iPhone 6 will be the protagonist of this last feature: with Handoff and Continuity , through which  iPhone will become an extension of OS X Yosemite . On the Mac, for example, you can manage and edit files hosted sull’iDevice, as well as receive calls and send text messages, all by simply bringing the smartphone to the desktop and laptop.


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