The First Information About the Specifications of iPhone 6

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Ever closer to the date of the official announcement of iPhone 6. In this regard, the waves of all kinds of information about the new product from various sources rolled on the space on the web. Resource Venture beat decided to share with us some information about the components of the new iPhone 6 . Became known that Cupertinovtsy finally decided to implement the module NFC in the flagship.


Apple now remains only to run your payment system by which all holders of the modern gadget will be able to make their purchases and pay for services using a mobile phone. How does it work? Lift up your smartphone to a special device, the user automatically makes a purchase. NFC sensor works at a distance of 10 cm from the receiving device. Authorize your users can purchase using the fingerprint that with every purchase, the scanner will read the updated Touch ID. But that’s not all the possibilities of wireless technologies iPhone 6 !


The fourth-generation mobile network modem, will also be part of the new smartphone. With the help of a standard border quality and speed communications will be greatly enhanced. The data transfer rate is at 300 Megabits per second ! In addition, in the next generation iPhone will use standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac , which should at least double the productive capacity of the basic configurations.


It is also known that the equipment and system devices undergo a fairly impressive change.Manage iPhone 6 will be specially designed by engineers A8 processor , which is an upgraded version of the previous generation A7. Novelty, like its predecessor, runs on two cores and 64-bit architecture . By increasing the clock frequency of the processor, Apple phone owners will notice a performance boost.

Also edition Venture beat has managed to refute the rumors that both versions of the smartphone will have a sapphire crystal. In fact, the 4.7-inch version of the phone will be covered with more durable than Gorilla Glass, coating. The publication has confirmed that in September we should expect the announcement of a standard version of the smartphone with a 4.7-inch diagonal. “Smartphone” will be presented a little later!


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