iPhone 8 rumored to come with separate wireless charger and USB-C Cable

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It’s been nearly six months since Apple officially launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to the market. Last year’s iPhone models may disappoint some users who were expecting to see an iPhone with a brand new design and impressive feature, but this will change this year, as Apple releases the next generation iPhone to celebrate 10 years of iPhone.


There have been a lot of rumors hinting at iPhone 8’s new design and impressive features. Besides, Apple has long been rumored to launch three iPhone 8 models this year including one premium model. According to the latest sources, only the OLED-equipped iPhone 8 will re-adopt glass casing and wireless charging capabilities, which runs counter the previous reports claiming that all 2017 iPhones will feature an all-glass design and wireless charging.

Sources also say that the wireless charging will not be a built-in feature as previously expected. Instead, iPhone 8 will come with a separate wireless charger based on technology from Luxshare, a Chinese manufacturer that has long been rumored to provide Apple with wireless charging coils for Apple Watch.

In reality, iPhone 8 will not be the first device to come with contact-based inductive charger in the market. Samsung is now using Fast Charge stand that supports wireless charging up to 15W. According to sources, iPhone 8 will no longer include a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter in the box. Instead, Apple will introduce a new USB-C cable.

According to a report from Mac Otakara, Apple will be introducing a 5 inch iPhone this year that will be sold alongside the larger 5.5 inch iPhone and smaller 4.7 inch variant. Besides, Apple will reportedly launch 3 new iPad models in Spring 2017 including the second generation update to the current 12.9 inch iPad Pro, a brand new 10 inch and 10.5 inch model.

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