iPhone 8 will own design with 2 displays

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Jermaine Smit designer has just given us stunning images of the new generation iPhone from Apple.

The highlight of iPhone 8 concept doesn’t merely come from design, product features are something he very focuses on. Smit said the iPhone 8 would be equipped with up to 2K screen, equivalent with the configuration parameters of the current top Android model. Moreover, it will have two screens, similar to the YotaPhone running Android which was released not long ago.

image-1436681798-iPhone 8

Especially, both the two screens which iPhone 8 owns will have the ability to display vivid with full color.

Reportedly, the main screen has a resolution of 2K, the remaining screen only reaches 480p to minimize the consumption power of equipment.

image-iPhone 8

In addition, the machine is also equipped with wireless charging technology. The main camera is put on the back with additional screen to take selfie photos with sharp resolution. The last point that the author wanted to express this concept is extremely impressive laser keyboard.

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