iPhone Air Rumors : 5.5 inch iPhone Air going to be the Reason of Suicide for Mini Tablet

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  • iPhone-6-iPhone-air-market-destroy-soonEvery bit you know, Apple will soon publish its new smartphone iPhone 6, with 5.5-inch screen. On this occasion, analysts conducted a special test that shows that the majority of users of mobile technology are more likely to purchase a widescreen phone than to purchase a new tablet. The fact that the difference between them is almost gone, but the phone has two major advantages: the big screen, more compact dimensions, like a 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 , and the ability to call. So in the foreseeable future, experts predict ‘extinction’ mini tablet market, citing the inconvenience of them! Since sales of the iPad and especially iPad mini, in the period after the new device could fall !
  • Many analysts believe that if Apple will launch, even if it is a little late, iPhone Air tablet technology to market , it will help them to significantly increase sales of this class of vehicles. It is interesting to know that in order to fully realize the unit in its class in the world market technology, Apple would need to run this device on sale last year.

    Cupertinovtsy also going to move the release date of 5.5-inch gadget due to some problems and disruptions in the supply of components!

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