How to Identify iPhone Originality from IMEI Number | Check iPhone is Factory Unlocked or Not

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From the beginning of the very first smartphone IMEI plays an important role in the originality of that particular smartphone and it’s very important to check IMEI no. of every device to identify that phone is real or not.

What is IMEI No.

  • IMEi know as International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.
  • IMEI no which makes the device unique from others.
  • It helps us to identify the phone separately from others.
  • It is also used to check that whether the device is legit or not !
  • It also identifies that whether the device is stolen or blackhat.

IMEI No Importance in Apple iPhone and iPad Cellular Devices :

In iPhone world the dilemma is that you can buy it with a cellular contract or either you can go with the unlocked. Now here comes the problem that the product you bought from a local dealer and you don’t know about it and when you’ve reached to your home tear up the box and you find that the iPhone you bought is carrier locked with sprint or AT & T and you’ve a received a Verizon version of iPhone.

To Identify that your iPhone is Factory Locked or not

Check your iPhone is locked or unlocked
Check your iPhone is locked or unlocked
  • Enter IMEI of your iPhone.
  • And Find Out your Device is Locked or Unlocked by click “Check now” button



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