iPhone, iPad turns off automatically and won’t turn on?

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Your iPhone, iPad automatically turns off and you can’t turn on, I believe you will take it to the data recovery center or the nearest shop smartphone to save or restore data as the old iPhone. Let’s wait and see how to fix iPhone, iPad turns off automatically.

The cause iPhone, iPad turns off automatically:

Maybe your battery has run out, so you must charge the battery immediately.

If your battery is still enough to use, your iPhone-iPad may not be compatible with new software installed because the software was installed but was crach, your phone can not load the menu if the software installed but was crack.

iPhone, iPad turns off automatically
iPhone, iPad turns off automatically

How to fix?

Plug the device into a computer installed itune, you turn on itune and press Power and Home button together on the iPhone, iPad. Then you can use normal. However, if you overcome this phenomenon 2 or 3 times, you have to check and deal with such software, they may not be allowed to use on the iOS version.


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