iPhone Storage Full: Tips To Optimize Your iPhone

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When you install a new app from App Store, you see a popup with the warning: Your “iPhone Storage almost Full,” triggering an alert that it’s time to free up all the storage hogging apps and files. Here are some tips to optimize your storage by getting rid of the redundant data.

iPhone Storage Almost Full: Tips to get rid of the issue

Offload Apps or Delete All the Unwanted Apps

After you have decided to clean up the mess, the first is eliminating all the apps that you rarely use. It’s worth having a go when your iPhone/iPad is cluttered for space. From iOS 11 or later, it gives you more flexibility, when allowing you to offload an app without the need of deleting its documents and data. When you reinstall it, you can reinstate the associated data.

Removes All Duplicate Photos and Videos

If you are storing tons of videos and photos on your iPhone/iPad, they will eat up a lot of storage. Deleting all duplicate and unwanted videos & images is a smart idea. It will regain some precious space on your phone. Open Photos app → tap on Select → choose all the unwanted images & videos and delete them.

You should also empty the recently deleted folder. To do so, head to Recently Deleted folder → tap on Select → select all photos and then hit Delete.

You can also transfer all your images and videos to your Mac or Windows PC to free up space on your iPhone/iPad without deleting them. But make sure your Mac has already installed the latest version of iTunes.

Eliminate All Unneeded Music

If your phone is storing a plethora of albums and songs, you should review and delete the ones you don’t listen to anymore. It is great to free up space for your iPhone storage.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Tap on iPhone/iPad Storage.
  • Scroll down to bottom and tap on Music→ choose the album you want to remove.
  • Tap on Edit> the red button and choose


Enable Messages in iCloud Option

In the new iOS 11.4 update, iCloud support for Messages is now available. So, you can sync your entire message history and then access it across multiple devices. Besides offering a better security to your messages, it can also allow you to free up storage from your device. Enabling “Messaging in iCloud” is worth a consideration.

Delete Old Email And Attachments

To eliminate your old emails and attachments, all you need to do is just delete your account and re-add it.

  • LaunchSettings app and tap on Accounts & Passwords.
  • Tap on an Email account.
  • Select Delete account and confirm your choice
  • Now, re-add the account by selecting Add New

Reset Device to Factory Settings

Although removing the existing settings and website login history might not get a lot of space, if you are willing to make a clean slate, using this method can be worth a consideration. The process won’t erase your data on your iPhone/iPad, so you should not worry. Go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.

Here are a few tips to optimize your storage by removing the redundant data. If you know other tips, let’s know in the comment below.


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