iPhone XS Is Faster and Bigger: Everything You Should Know

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There are a few days left that Apple will introduce the new iPhone X models. So, before getting your hands on it, here is what you could expect from this phone.

Although the trio of new iPhones was not confirmed by Apple, there may be a budget iPhone at a lower price, a larger iPhone XS Plus and an iPhone XS- the successor to the last-year iPhone X.

Faster and Bigger

Last year, Apple released its iPhone X with an edge-to-edge 5.8-inches display, which covered the entire front of the phone. However, since other OEM smartphone manufactures has started to release as big phones as possible, Apple also wants to keep up with this trend.

If any of you here are waiting for a large-screen iPhone, Apple will release on 12nd of September an XS Plus model featuring a 6.5 inches display with the same design as the iPhone X. According to recent reports, the new A12 processor will also improve the battery life as it is more efficient.

A Budget All-Screened iPhone

The first iPhone X generation was highly criticized by Apple fans all over the world due to its price tag.

Although it was an Apple’s most expensive phone, there were not any issues being sold as rumors in the beginning. It still brought the best iPhone revenue ever for Apple.

But, many rumors suggested that Apple would introduce a budget iPhone X at a lower price without impressive specs over its siblings. While there is no info about the exact price yet, at least Apple will join the Android battle with the company’s cheaper and best phone.

Better Charging

Most of iPhone users always complain about the time of charging an iPhone, so Apple listened to them and they will receive a fast charger along with their new device. Although there was not any confirmation received from Apple, we still hope this happens since it made a lot of sense. Another improvement might come from wireless charging the new iPhone faster. With the new A12 chipset, the battery life of the new iPhone will also be improved.

Extended Memory

Since Apple has released a Galaxy Note 9 variant with 512GB of storage, Apple might release a variant of iPhone that doubles its current maximum of 256GB of inbuilt memory.

With more content being stored on the phones nowadays, many smartphone users require more storage. Hopefully, Apple will satisfy fan with this new update.


The Improved Cameras

The cameras on Apple’s smartphones do not come with a lot of disadvantages, but the company still upgrades cameras on their iPhones every year. With iPhone models released last year, users could take better photos even in the low light condition.

But until now, all of us are not still sure whether this year’s iPhone’s camera will be improved, and we have to wait until 12nd of September.

New Colours

It’s been a year since the last Apple released an iPhone in multiple color schemes, but everything might change with this year’s iPhone as it comes with multiple colors to choose from. The budget iPhone X might be available in color options such as gold, red, and blue.

Another image that has recently been leaked also showed that the new iPhone models would sport a shiny gold case.


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