iWatch Release Confirmed | New York Times confirmed the development

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Authoritative newspaper The New York Times published a story on Tim Cook – but it is interesting for some other reason. The fact is that in this article the newspaper’s journalists actually said: their sources within the company confirmed the development iWatch. As you know, before Apple flatly refused to comment on this topic.


However, now and informal comments. The company did not refute published The New York Times information, but has not confirmed it, just ignored. In general, few seriously doubt that Apple is developing a “smart watches“, but worried by the fact that a maximum of six months before the anticipated release (and the newspaper confirmed the release in the fourth quarter), we do not know anything about the gadget significantly. And do not even imagine how it will look.iWATCH-CONFIRMEND-2014

According to the publication, Tim Cook weakly personally involved in the development of the gadget, and put this issue at the mercy of the vice-presidents of the company, primarily lead designer Jonathan Quince. Apple’s CEO just stated the problem in the spirit of the company: to bring to market a revolutionary gadget that will change the market of portable computers.


It seems that the mindset among engineers and designers from Cupertino such. Jonathan Ive himself described the work of the gadgets that will be on sale this fall, as follows:

“The staff and engineers corporations feel exactly the same as during the work on the first iPhone”

What seems to Eddy Cue was not exaggerating when he promised us in 2014, the best products for the last 25 years.


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