iWatch is Expecting 10 Sensors in it

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As you might have read in our previous blog post, Apple plans to release in September this year, several variations of its future trends called iWatch We also informed you that the data will be embedded gadgets 10 sensors, with which “smart” watch will collect information on the health status of its owner. Today we decided to describe in detail these sensors!


Sensor’s Expected in iWatch by Apple

  1. Accelerometer – a sensor that measures acceleration projection. In other words, he can determine the exact angle at which the device is located on the earth’s surface. Due to this sensor and rotates the image in your device. 
  2. Magnetometer – digital compass when it comes easier! It will determine the features of the earth surface on which you are. 
  3. Gyro – Use your device to determine its orientation in space as well, in order to trace his movements. Along with the software, the sensor can deliver the right information about your movements. 
  4. Barometer – a sensor that measures the barometric pressure. He is able to measure atmospheric pressure and determine the height of the device above the sea level. Such a sensor, especially be useful for tourists who love to make their trips to the mountains.Now, perhaps more accurately measure caloric expenditure during climbing up or down the slope. 
  5. Heart rate monitor . It is increasingly clear: during sports, you can measure your pulse, blood pressure, it can also detect harmful or dangerous strain on your body. 
  6. Temperature sensor . This sensor detects the temperature of the air. All these standard sensors work in the aisle from -20 to +50 ° C, but maybe others will kupertinovtsy values.Using this sensor, possibly adjust the load more correctly, depending on climatic conditions. 
  7. GPS . This is a standard and has practically all the familiar sensor working with the satellite.Use it as accurately as possible the location of your device. 
  8. Oxymetry sensor . With this sensor, “smart” clock will measure oxygen saturation. This happens due to the photodetector and light emitting diodes. Thus, the diodes emit a certain amount of light, and a photodetector and then reads the amount which will vary depending upon the oxygen saturation of the blood. 
  9. Skin temperature sensor . This sensor will determine the temperature of your body, and when combined with a sensor detecting the temperature of the air, the device will recognize the intensity of your workouts. 
  10. Skin conductance sensor . This module will read the galvanic skin response, and thus, will determine the conductivity of the skin. This parameter changes due to sudden noises, touch, pain, smells, etc.

Few people will be surprised by now that the iWatch will be aimed at promoting human health, but that everyone will be so seriously, nobody could predict!


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