iWatch A Medical Equipment | iWatch Receives a Certificate

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Today reported that they have a lot of well-known Apple device called iWatch , the Commission will be registered by the FDA in the category of “medical equipment.” Wrist electronic watches will have more than a dozen different sensors and sensors for accurate measurement of the state of the body of the owner. Earlier in the global market has not been no similar device .There is also information from a reliable source that will be embedded in the gadget perspiration sensor, developed independently by engineers of the company from Cupertino. Manufacturer expects that the functionality available in this wearable computer, much larger than, for example, a modern smartphone.


Previously, Apple, already working on their own sensors in the form of sports application called Health . The application was designed for that all data will be collected in it as the repository, and will be collected on a separate device, which the company so far has not released, although promised to do so before the end of this year.

The main evidence that Americans are going to release a portable, wearable gadget was the statement filed by, in June last year, Rospatent. The first rumors of the wrist computer from Apple originated in early 2013. Thus, according to Tim Cook , the portable market and wearable devices is ready for innovation, namely the appearance of watches that will undoubtedly become an important step towards the development of the company.

In Apple expects salable unit in October, just after their announcement. More is known to be released a few modifications to the device, which only differ in size. 10 – 15 million copies of “smart” watches, want to release Apple, right after the announcement and hope that it is so much iWatch will sell in the first year of its existence.


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