Jony Ive : I want to work on new material for Apple products

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Jonathan Ive is working on new materials for future products. To say it is the same Ive in an interview with the New York Times. Will sapphire crystal and Liquidmetal?

Ive been working on new material for the next Apple products. This is learned from an interview with the New York Times to Apple designers, published yesterday evening.

The text, of which a small part was used for the article in the New York Times in which he drew a profile of Tim Cook, is a rundown on the philosophy, rather than note, workflow Ive and the method by which products go to an idealized form in the real world; but even if a large part of what the creative mind of Apple, you know, there were a few small gem that anticipates the future. One of these is precisely the study of new products based on new materials.


I have worked in the past 15 or 20 years on the most challenging and creative about what we do – Ive said – I’d like to talk about things to come, the materials with which we have worked with before. Obviously I’ve not explained what the new materials but Apple has experienced two major phases in the course of the last fifteen years: that of plastics, often colorful, and that of aluminum, in which we find ourselves today.

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