Live Now: The Apple Watch App Store, featuring 3,000+ apps

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 The apple watch is yet to be shipped to the consumers but their app store is up and running with over 3,000 apps to be used on. From categories like health and fitness to social networking apps and news apps it has been loaded with a handful of ‘must-haves’.

In the addition to the app store for the apple watch, the OS 8.2 for the device will also be hitting the apple servers so that, if someone faces any problems with the device the east restore can be performed.


Health and fitness related apps include Strava which lets the runners know the real-time data about their exact speed, distance and time of running. Yoga apps include Fitstar Yoga which can guide users through several poses. The usual day-to-day apps like Twitter, The New York Times and Instagram are also seen.


The app store on the iPhone, Mac and iTunes now shows badges on the apps (Offers apple watch app) which are compatible with the apple watch, also the preview is also available of how the app will look like on the watch.









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