Lost AirPods? Here is how you can find them

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Last year, Apple unveiled its new Bluetooth headphones called AirPods alongside the new iPhone 7/7Plus and the Apple Watch Series 2. Basically, the new AirPods resemble previous earbuds only without wires. The new AirPods caused a flurry of excitement on its launch day, but there have been a lot of jokes made at how easily you will lose or misplace your Airpods due to its complete wireless design.


You may be wondering what will happen if you lose your new $159 wireless headphones. In reality, a replacement AirPods will cost $59, nearly half the price a full set. With that in mind, in this post, we will walk you through the steps to find your lost AirPods.

Steps to find your lost AirPods

There is a smart app called Finder for AirPods that lets you find your lost or misplaced AirPods using your iPhone with very simple steps. Here is how you can do this.

Step one: First off, make sure that you have downloaded the app on your iPhone or iPad and you have paired your iOS devices with your AirPods

Step two: Once you are done, all you need to do is to launch the app on your iPhone or iPad. After that, you will be presented with the option to select which AirPod you wish to find. Select your AirPod and tap Next. If you want to find both AirPods, you simply need to close the lid of charging case

Step three: All you have to do now is to put the other AirPod in the charging case and close the lid. Once you are done, tap on Get It, Start Finding

Step four: You are now supposed to head the area where you think you have lost or misplaced your AirPods. The app will notify you if you are getting close to your lost AirPod

Step five: Tap on I Found It once you have found your lost AirPod

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These are steps to find lost AirPods. If you have got any questions, Llet us know in the comments below.

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