Many prominent changes will appear on iPhone 7

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1, The new iPhone may be introduced on September 25th

Blog Mobile News has obtained some email that Apple sent to internal employees of Vodafone (UK) about the introduction of the next iPhone on next September 25th  and customers can pre-order the product from September 18th .


2, There will have 2 screen size versions like iPhone 6/6 Plus

Ming Chi-Kuo also said that the next iPhone will have two screen size versions. They are 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch and similar to iPhone 6/6 Plus.


3, The next iPhone will be more durable

Many information sources claim that the next generation iPhone will be designed with aluminum shell Series 7000 material like Apple Watch Sport. If this is true, this product will be more durable than the iPhone 6/6 Plus.


4, iPhone 7 will be a little larger than iPhone 6

By using new material for the shell phone, iPhone 7 may be longer about  0.15 mm and thicker than the iPhone 6 about 0.2 mm.

5, There will have 4 inch version

According to reports from Digitimes (Taiwan) and the Economic Daily News (China), Apple will release 3 new iPhone versions with many screen size versions such as 4 inch, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.


6, There won’t have Home physical button

According to Digitimes, the new iPhone will no have Home physical button, fingerprint sensor will be integrated directly into the display instead.


7, Camera will be improved better

One of the most reliable information about the next generation iPhone is probably the camera. Accordingly, camera will be improved better than today. According to John Gruber Blogger, next iPhone will have the biggest change about camera. Apple recently bought Linx- a manufacturing camera company of Israel about $ 20 million. The technology of LixX can help to reduce noise and help the iPhone’s camera to take photo clearer in low light conditions.


8, Apple may upgrade sensor for both front and rear cameras

Kuo said that the next generation iPhone will have a main camera with a resolution of 12 MP, a significant step compared with 8 MP camera on iPhone 6. In addition, Hazma Sood developer also found some information on the front camera of new iPhone in the source code of iOS 9. Besides, the next iPhone will support 1080p video recording with faster speed, support slow-motion and flash.

9, The new iPhone will be integrated with Force Touch like Apple Watch

The next iPhone will likely be integrated Force Touch sensor technology which appearing on MacBook and Apple Watch. Besides, Mark GURMAN revealed on 9to5Mac that Force Touch technology will help create shortcuts in iOS.


10, The next iPhone will have better microprocessor

Apple typically upgrades the microprocessor for its next iPhone to improve performance, so many people expect Apple to introduce new chip on the iPhone 7 (or 6S). Bloomberg reports that Apple has ordered Taiwan Samsung to produce chip for its next iPhone.

11, The new iPhone will come with iOS 9

Apple’s next iPhone often is accompanied by the latest iOS and iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6S) almost certainly will use iOS 9. If you have an old iPhone, you can also upgrade to the iOS 9 version on this fall.

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