Many surprising similarities between iOS 9 and Android

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Although the improvements in iOS 9 are useful for both iPhone and iPad, it really does not give the fans a new look or a breakthrough as the previous versions. In fact, many users realize that iOS 9 and Android have many similarities about features.

1, Save battery


Obviously, this feature has appeared on many devices of Android for a long time. Thanks to its usefulness, Google has integrated them on Android 5.0 platform last year. Battery saving function on Android will be activated when the battery on the machine is only 5 ~ 15%, processing performance is reduced to decrease power consumption. As for the Low Power Mode feature on iOS 9, users will not receive notification when having new mail . Disable the download of application, network speed, motion and brightness will be reduced. In return, you will have 3 hours more to use.

2, Split screen on iPad


This must be a ‘copy’ of Android devices, not just for some models of Samsung tablet, smartphone devices such as Note 3, G4 can do this.

However, split-screen feature (Split View) is equipped on iPad Air 2 very essentially. It allows users to use two applications at the same time. For example, you can reply to messages while watching videos, notes while viewing photos.

3, Notes


New Notes app on iOS 9 is improved quite strongly, but these useful features still have many similarities with the Android applications, such as Google Keep. Notes on iOS allow you to insert image, creating the checklist, sketching.

4, Picture-in-picture


Watch video while performing another task is unfamiliar with Android users. Not only on Android tablets, it also has appeared on Android smartphones devices from several years ago. But until today, Apple brings this convenient feature on some new models of iPad while iPhone is not.

5, Siri

Siri on iOS 9 is upgraded powerfully than ever, it performs fast and accurately more than 40% compared to the old platform. Besides, Siri now works more actively when giving suggestions for the applications based on the context of time or specific location of the user. For example, you’re in a gym with iPhone, when you plug headphones into the machine, Siri will automatically turn on your favorite music. Or it has the ability to estimate the distance from your home to the office and suggest what applications you might use. However, this is not a feature that is too familiar with Google Now.

6, Keyboard


Keyboard QuickType on iOS 9 gives users the relative new innovation. In particular, the Shortcut Bar is added above the keyboard has been able to execute some basic tasks such as copy, paste, cut, attach files, open the camera.

Meanwhile, some keyboards on the Android platform can do more than that, it’s even deeper integrated many interesting features, such as Swype or SwiftKey.

7, News


Reading news app on iOS 9 carries many similarities from BlinkFeed of HTC or famous reading newspaper app Flipboard.

8, Spotlight


Spotlight is upgraded wisely and stronger. With the ability to access the content inside the application, or use the contacts list, the location where you need to. Google Now not only suggests locations, it also calculates and directs to that location.

9, Apple Map


Over the years, Apple has quite struggling with Apple Map because of imprecision and lack of detail. On iOS 9, in addition to the upgrade, Apple is still learning from Android with directions for public transport services such as buses, subways.

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