Microsoft launched MacBook Pro Touch Bar support for Office 2016

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Last year, Apple introduced its highly-anticipated MacBook Pro. The new machine comes with tons of new changes and improvements over its predecessors. The 2016 MacBook is now thinner, lighter and more powerful thanks to its new design, new hardware and compelling features.

One of the noticeable additions to the 2016 lineup of MacBook Pro is a brand new Touch Bar, which sits at the top of the keyboard and replaces the traditional function keys. Basically, the new Touch Bar offers contextual controls and visual settings that change the way you interact with apps.


With the addition of the new Touch Bar, third-party developers are rolling out updates for their apps to take fully advantage of the new Touch Bar. Microsoft today launched support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar in Office 2016. Microsoft Office users who now own one of Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can update their Word, PowerPoint and Excel to get Touch Bar support.

In reality, Apple first announced Touch Bar support for Microsoft Office at its launch event back in September 2016 where the company highlighted the Touch Bar’s capabilities for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Earlier this month, Microsoft also rolled out updated version of its Office to those in the Insider Program with Touch Bar support.

Touch Bar support brings in unique capabilities for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. In Microsoft Word, users can use Touch Bar with their Word Focus mode to hide all on-screen ribbons and other distractions. Besides, the Touch Bar also provides quick access to various text formatting options and font styles in Microsoft Word.

In PowerPoint, the Touch Bar makes your presentation much easier by showing a graphical overview of all of your slides. With Excel, the Touch Bar offers access to your frequently used functions, while Skype users can easily mute or end calls directly from the Touch Bar on their new MacBook Pro.

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