MyScript released iOS-keyboard with handwriting

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Company MyScript Labs has released for iOS-devices, a new on-screen keyboard, which support input by hand. The program is able to recognize as written characters, and uppercase letters in 53 languages. The developers call their technology “perfect system of handwriting recognition on the market.”





The idea of ​​the character set by drawing letters in a school exercise book, quite original. Should write with your finger in a small area at the bottom of the screen. So in this case it is more convenient to use an iPad or iPhone 6 Plus. The company named the application “a welcome addition to the sensory or speech input.”

Alternative Input Panel allows you to dial printed and handwritten letters using the stylus or a finger. Thanks auto scroll you can enter text in any programs, such as e-mail, text documents, calendar, browser, input SMS and MMS, and so on. The handwriting is converted to digital as writing a letter. MyScript Stylus is available for download on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.

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